We support a variety of payment methods so you can make quick and safe payments. Depending on the chosen payment method you are guided through a few steps to enter additional information. You can pay using Sofort-Überweisung, PayPal, Giropay, wire transfer, credit card, Online-Überweisung, standing order, and Paysafe. Please note that there are different processing times and transaction fees depending on the chosen payment method.

Payments made with IDEAL.

Pay easily, quickly and directly online using the IDEAL service provided by your bank. Payments made with IDEAL are always free on opwaarderen.nl. After you have made a payment using IDEAL, you will receive your top-up codeimmediately (within a few minutes) by email

How it works? Please select your bank, after which you will be directed to an overview page. Click on Checkout . You will then be directed your bank's payment section.


Sofort-Überweisung is a payment method for easy, quick, and direct payments through your bank. Paying with Sofort-Überweisung is always free on Aufladen.de. If you choose Sofort-Überweisung, you receive your credit within moments after your successful payment.

Paying with Sofort-Überweisung? Choose your bank and continue. You are prompted to enter your bank account number and PIN and then forwarded to the payment process of your bank.


You can also pay with your credit card (Mastercard or Visa).

For payment with credit card, the 3D Secure functionality of your credit card should be enabled to make sure your payment is processed securely. Your credit card data is encrypted and will not be stored. You will be prompted to enter a personal security code during the payment process.

Are you using a credit card to pay? Please note there is a transaction fee of 0,50 € for each payment. Enter the required information and proceed.

As soon as your credit card details are checked and your payment is processed, you receive your top up within minutes.


You can also pay with the online payment system PayPal. You do need a PayPal account. For each PayPal transaction there are transaction fees of 0,75 €.

Are you paying with PayPal? Enter your data and follow the instructions. As soon as your payment has been processed through your PayPal account, you receive your credit within minutes.


Giropay is another payment method to make quick and direct payments through your bank. Paying with Giropay is always free on Aufladen.de. If you pay with Giropay, you receive your credit within minutes.

Are you paying with Giropay? Enter your bank data and proceed . You are prompted to enter your bank account number and PIN and then forwarded to the payment process of your bank.

The payment has already been deducted from my account, but I have not received any credit.

In some exceptions you might not have received your credit despite a successful payment. There are several possible reasons:

  • We have not received your payment yet. This can depend on the processing time of your bank (up to three working days for national transfers).
  • Due to a technical error we have not received a confirmation of payment.
  • The order number is not mentioned (correctly) in the purpose of payment field.
  • You have wired money using an old order number. For a successful order you need to place a new order for each payment (except for standing orders).
  • The payment has not been made to Alphacomm’s bank account. Please make sure to wire money using the same bank account information that you find in our automatic confirmation mail.

The amount we have received does not match the total amount of your order.

To receive your credit, please send us a proof of payment by ticket. You can send a scan of your bank statement or a screenshot if you use online banking.


Pay with Paysafecard, Europe’s leading provider of online prepaid payment options. You can buy Paysafe credit at 450.000 points of sale and then order online without any bank account or credit card. The payment works without entry of information related to your person, bank or credit card.

With every legitimate Paysafecard transaction you are redirected to a SSL-secure website where you enter your PIN to make a payment. This secure page is hosted by Paysafecard. A Paysafecard may NEVER be entered on a different page than the payment page. Paysafecard cooperates with the police and/or other authorities in charge and relays data on fraudulent transactions.